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Musical accompaniment for every occasion

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Whether you are looking for music for a wedding or background music for a business event, we always create a set list tailored to the personal wishes of our client.

We are more than happy to study requested songs, but we also offer an extensive playlist via Spotify, where you can find inspiration.

TU Delft
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about us

We are Jantien Followers & Dorus Oomen, both professionally trained and with a very diverse musical program.


Together we form 'MOOV' (pronounced as Move). A varied, professional and occasionally spontaneous performance is guaranteed. The many years of collaboration can be heard in the game and in this way we hope to convey this to the audience.


Some sweet words

"Even coming to Texel is not too crazy for Jantien and Dorus. The musical accompaniment was a fantastic addition to our wedding. We passed on a number of songs in advance, which were beautifully performed during the ceremony. In a word, fantastic!"
Saskia Gieles 22-10-2022
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Curious about our repertoire?

Klik hier voor onze Spotify playlist

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